I used to spend half a day on installing an OS. One day my CDROM got broken, I had to look for a way to install from the ISO image directly. Unexpectedly, I soon succeeded. Then I started to think about unattended installation. At the beginning, just install OS, then device drivers, further applications. As time passing by, more and more features got added.

I created this project on Sourceforge, wish my efforts would help to make more people save more time.

About Quarter

What's Quarter

Quarter (15'), previously called Windows Auto Installation, is a solution to install OS, device drivers and applications all together automatically.

Quarter is based on WinPE. Once boot your computer into Quarter's PE invironment, an HTA application will display. In that application you make a few choices, such as intalling what OS to which partition, then click the submit button. Quater will take care everything else.

You no longer need to burn OS disc, interfere installing process, search device drivers online and then install them. Just wait for about 20 minutes before your computer gets ready to run.

Quarter currently supports the installation of the following OSes:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 2008
  • Windows 7

Who should use Quarter

Quarter is quite easy to use. Anybody with basic computer knowledge can make full use of Quarter.

For IT and QA engineers, who need install different OSes from time to time, Quarter is an ideal tool. It's NOT an image-based solution (such as Microsoft RIS and Symantec Altiris). There is no need to setup a master installation first.