Let me know how much time you save when use Quarter to install OS + device drivers + applications. If it's less than 15', I need to change the project name. :)


How to use Quarter

Boot your computer with Quarter.

Select WinPE type in Windows Boot Manager menu:

  • If you are installing a 32 bit Windows, choose WinPE x86.
  • If you are installing a 64 bit Windows, choose WinPE x64.

Once boot into WinPE, Quarter dialog shows up:

Press Browse button, then Choose File to Upload dialog shows up:

Enter local path or a network share where the target iso file reside, then press Open.

Once target iso file is selected, choose other options in Quarter dialog:

  • Select a VL Key in the drop down list if you are installing a Windows XP or 2003 with volum license.
  • If no VL Key available, enter a valid Retail Key or keep it blank. Invalid key may cause installation failure.
  • Language is only applicable to Windows Vista, 2008 and 7.
  • Install to is for you to select the partition on which OS will be installed. If no partition available, the whole disk will be format as a single partition.
  • Windows 7 contains many built-in device drivers. You may not need to choose to install 3rd party ones.

Press Submit, and then get yourself a cup of tea.